Alaskan Landscapes
Alaskan Landscapes
Just a little bit of nature in your life.
I am a landscape and nature photographer in Haines, Alaska. I love trying creative things in an outdoor setting. I adapt to any given situation and try to capture the environment as I am percieving it in the moment.


I am Brittany
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I am originally from Portland, Oregon, but I have lived in Haines, Alaska, for eleven years. I am married to my best friend Vinny and have an amazing son Quinton. Living in Alaska with my family is exciting and a new adventure every day. These images are just a tidbit of the time spent in the great Last Frontier.The majority of my images are taken in the town of Haines in Southeast Alaska. The scenery of Southeast Alaska is unforgettable. I have found myself staring at the mountain ranges, rivers, wildlife, nature, and more in disbelief. I felt as though I could share them with others and make it so others could enjoy a little bit of Alaska in their homes. I have always loved the meaning and emotion behind photography. A photographer's ability to capture so much in a split second of things, such as something that many people pass by without noticing. Like these small branches on a random bush in some forest..

Brittany Simkin Photography
1146 Mud Bay Road Box 706, Haines, AK, USA
(907) 314-0085

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